Sealy Australia
Crown Jewel Brand Video

There’s nothing like Crown Jewel

For over 125 years, Sealy has invested in rigorous research and development. This dedication to continuous improvement has culminated in the advanced technology found in every Crown Jewel bed. A bed that is also a treasured heirloom, crafted using traditional methods. Details such as hand-tufting, flag-stitched and the most luxurious Belgian-quality damasks, for their soft-touch feel and conformance. It’s this combination of form and function that sets Crown Jewel apart.

Sealy Australia’s brief, was to convey not only the heritage and craftsmanship of this flagship product, but the advanced technology hidden within.  Directed by Ross Beck, the project commenced with intense pre-production planning, followed by our full crew including Cinematographer John Griffin with UHD camera, lighting and grip equipment (plus additional Sydney based gaffers, grips, make-up and art direction crew) shooting within an upmarket Sydney location. A large green-screen was rigged to a scaffold tower, on the exterior of the two level home, allow us to composite replacement views through the bedroom windows.

The shoot continued within our Christchurch based studios, where an old-world workshop was created to showcase craftsmanship at work. We then cast and recorded a professional (Australian) female voice artist, while at the same time producing the 3D animated content. Our post-production team then set to work, bringing it all to life – the hidden technology that creates the ultimate form and function blended with 125 years of tradition.

“Since completing our very first project with you, I’ve been delighted and amazed by the quality and timeliness of your work. It’s not often that we meet a supplier who has the ability to really absorb and properly respond to a brief, and then to deliver an end product that corresponds to the first concepts presented. Our product is quite unique in the way it works, and it’s nice to work with a team who really ‘gets’ it.

It’s also been so easy working with Orly as a one-stop-shop. From producing high-quality, beautiful 3D video product visualisations to creating the theme and TVCs for whole campaigns, it’s great to find a production house that can do it all. And I very much appreciate your recent work to create from scratch and deliver a suite of digital banner ads and videos.

Your work on our product animations has been exceptional, and the recent film for the Crown Jewel range has taken our brand presentation to a new level.”

Marketing Manager – Sealy Australia