Brand Animation Video

ID Redefined…

We were commissioned by Mimark to develop and create a suite of vibrant launch videos for their Mimark Recognizer. It’s a watch, but so much more… ID and medical information carried with you 24/7.

The watches and all elements were created in-house by our enthusiastic 3D animation team, integrating motion graphics, a dynamic music track and minimal voice-over. Fully animated videos designed to explain how the system works, while at the same time providing strong design appeal for the product. Once completed, the series of promotional videos were uploaded to Mimark’s Website, also YouTube, Facebook, Vine and Instagram.

At the heart of the Recognizer is your unique QR code and ID#. It’s a link to your Mimark profile, which says who you are and how to reach your emergency contacts. If you have a medical condition, you can add that to your profile too. Simply scanning the QR code or texting the ID# to 5211, provides an immediate download of the wearer’s ID profile. This allows the first person on the scene to help you and provides phone links to your emergency contacts


Mimark<br>Brand Animation Video
Mimark<br>Brand Animation Video
Mimark<br>Brand Animation Video