Medic Alert NZ
Brand Video & TV Commercials

Medic Alert – Life saving services

MedicAlert Foundation New Zealand provides life saving information services, supported with an internationally recognised Medical ID. It is a not-for-profit charity that works to save lives by protecting members from harm related injuries.

With MedicAlert Foundation members are supported by a 24/7 Emergency Hotline Service. Along with family and friends, members share in the wonderful peace of mind, which comes from having MedicAlert Foundation by their side.

Medic Alert commisioned Orly for the creative development of new training videos and new television commercials designed to increase Medic Alert awareness across New Zealand.

Orly worked closely with Medic Alert to make sure the content was exactly on message, highlighting the peace and mind of getting on with life with Medic Alert by your side. We then commenced design and animation of a 90 second 2D animated Training video and two 2D animated tv commercials. The video and television campaign launched earlier this year and achieved incredible results. The Orly team were proud to be part of such a worthy cause and a great outcome..