Enatel SYNERGi
Explainer Video

SYNERGi – Smart Integrated Energy

We were commissioned by Enatel to showcase the performance applications of SYNERGi, the industry’s most advanced hybrid energy solution. SYNERGi maximizes benefits and delivers increased uptime as it dynamically optimizes and self-heals. It intuitively and intelligently blends multiple energy inputs and optimization is made simple.  Specifically designed for easy integration of renewables to support solar and wind inputs – now and in the future.

In collaboration with Enatel, we decided on a combination of both 3D and 2D animation, in an explainer style featuring split screens and motion graphics,  to explain and simplify the  relatively complex story of SYNERGI’s dynamic performance capabilities.

Enatel SYNERGi<br>Explainer Video
Enatel SYNERGi<br>Explainer Video