Angel Bay
TV Commercials

Angel Bay – Increasing Market Share

The Orly crew have it down to a fine art, when it comes to producing delicious food commercials. For Angel Bay we meticulously prepared for their Beef Pattie tvc shoot by ensuring our crew, equipment, chef, ingredients, studios and props were all ready to go.

We then spent two intense days preparing and cooking delicious ingredients during the shoot of three 15 second television commercials. The commercials were shot within Orly’s new studios. We used our state-of-the-art, digital cinema ultra high definition cameras in super slow-motion, heightening the drama, the colour, texture and vibrancy of the food. The results were incredible to say the least, with a dramatic increase in Angel Bay’s market share.

Angel Bay is part of ANZCO Foods, one of New Zealand’s largest exporters, with a rich history of taking world-class beef and lamb to the world, as well as a growing range of innovative food and healthcare solutions. All of Angel Bay products are made in New Zealand, with over 20 years’ experience in taking products to the world.