Agriseeds – FVI
TV Commercial

Superior pastures

We produced this TVC in collaboration with Harvey Cameron Group, Agriseeds creative Agency. It’s one of a group of brand tv commercials shot over a five month period across the country. These commercials, even though they look simple, involved various production techniques, including complex compositing, 3D animation, time-lapse, aerial shooting, studio and location visual effects, exterior chroma-keying plus much more.

Agriseeds is a New Zealand plant breeding and research company that specialises in pasture. Founded in 1987, Agriseeds work with expert research partners including DairyNZ, Lincoln University, AgResearch, Pastoral Genomics and Massey University, to ensure Agriseeds products perform now and in farm systems of the future.

Agriseeds are proud to have been part of New Zealand’s pastoral landscape for 28 years. Agriseeds is a New Zealand plant breeding and research company that specializes in pasture.

We’ve bred, selected and trialled some of this country’s best ryegrasses, cocksfoots, clovers and brassicas. Varieties such as Trojan, Bealey, Shogun, Tabu, Weka and more. All backed by the experience and expertise of our staff.


Agriseeds – FVI<br>TV Commercial