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We create Video, TV Commercials
and Branded media connections

Orly is a leading New Zealand video production and communication company. If you're looking to produce a new television commercial, an outstanding online video, or 3D animation to engage customers.

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Video Media Partner

Think of us as your creative media partner, with a focus on video content. If you're looking to raise brand awareness and engage new markets, we have the experience to make it happen.

Innovative Producers

From our state of the art Christchurch studios, we provide services to clients across Australasia. We innovate to find new ways to use video and animation to enhance communication and initiate change.


You get one chance to make
a great video, so do it right

With video, you get one chance to do it right, and the result comes down to the people​ ​you trust with your project. We’re​ ​not just video producers, we’re​ ​marketing professionals​ ​and we’re here to​ ​clarify your story and share it with the world.

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Exceeding​ ​Expectations​

​We believe every video​ ​should​ ​be​ ​part of your​ ​brand story. We create​ ​marketing​, ​health & safety,​ ​training​ ​and social-media​ ​video​ ​with this idea​ ​in mind. Our aim is to persuade and influence your audience and exceed your expectations.

Relevant Online Video

Today’s digital-natives are extremely aware of traditional tactics. To make a real connection, we entertain, engage and add value. With smart creative, we produce online and social media video, that’s personalized and relevant.

International network

We’ve developed a worldwide network with the ability to react quickly and shoot video almost anywhere, even at short notice. We’re small and nimble and that keeps costs down, with shorter communication lines, it‘s easy to get things done.


Commercials & Branded​ ​Content,
influencing powerful change.

We​ ​produce television commercials and branded online video for some of the world’s leading creative agencies and many of Australasia’s most respected brands.​ ​We'​​ believe every organisation has a meaningful story to tell, and when shared, those stories can​ ​influence powerful change.

Bringing ideas to life

We create TV Commercials, so our clients can punch above their weight and take on their competition. If you’re looking to launch a new brand or add value to an existing one, we’ll bring it all to life.

Branded online content

While television commercial s remain one of the most powerful and effective means of mass media, brand awareness, we also produce branded online video content. Think of branded content as commercials that don’t feel like commercials.


Animation and Motion Graphics

Our 3D animat​ion and motion graphic artists, seamlessly blend design​ and​ animation to create attention grabbing animations, motion-graphics, quirky, compelling character animations and complex photo-real visual effects for websites, commercials, health & safety, technology​​ and training.

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3D animation examples


Interactive presentations
Demonstrate, engage, converse

Let’s make presentations not just better, let’s make them mean something, let’s get everyone talking, not just listening.​ ​We believe in crafting strategies for business presentations. We have a vision for doing it better, and we mean much better​. That’s why we created iPRES, a unique ​interactive presentation system that brings it all together.

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Our Vision

iPRES is a totally new way of creating, curating and sharing your information. Our vision is to redefine business presentations, starting with the development of a strategic approach to your presentations

The Future

iPRES is an interactive presentation system developed by Orly to support an entire organisation. Dynamic, ​up to date,​ content can be shared, acting as a catalyst to inspire better presentations and save money by cutting down replication.

Your Business

We believe your story is important, so you should be in control of it. Responding to evolving discussions and seamlessly adapting everything in real-time, creating opportunities to develop meaningful conversations with customers.

Learning App​ Development

Our app development team creates applications,​ ​custom fit to your business needs. Our solutions cover iOS and Android platforms, allowing your application to cover virtually all smart phone and tablet devices.​ ​

Phonics Training​ App

We were commissioned​ ​to produce a Phonics Learning App ​for Phonics Training, a company supporting early literacy development. The App is a fun,​ ​​interactive resource for parents and teachers to help children learn to read, write and to teach letter sounds (phonics).

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