Online video, tv commercial
& 3D animation production

Orly is a leading video production company operating in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and across Australia. We produce outstanding branded and promotional video, animation, tv commercials and interactive web apps to engage customers and employees, build brands and drive sales. We’re a team of creative minds working with cutting edge technology, we’re professional, down to earth and extremely good at what we do.

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Video media partner

Think of us as your creative media partner, with a focus on video content. If you’re looking to raise brand awareness and engage new markets, we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

Results driven

Creating video content, optimised and delivered. Ready to get results on Television, on your Website, Business Presentations, Email Marketing, Trade Shows, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and more.


You get one chance to make
a great video... so do it right

With video production, you get one chance to do it right, and the result comes down to the people you trust with your project. We’re not just video producers, we’re experienced marketing professionals, here to bring life to your marketing, social media, recruitment and training stories.



Orly is lead by award winning producer/director Ross Beck, with vast experience in the creative development, cinematography and direction of marketing video and tv commercials throughout New Zealand, Australia and globally for many of the world’s top creative agencies and most trusted brands.


Let’s face it, every good video project starts with a well defined strategy, and that’s where we excel, ultimately achieving the results our clients want. We collaborate with our clients in organisations of all sizes, and we’re all driven to produce our absolute best possible work, as we see our future in their success.


We operate from one of New Zealand’s most advanced studio facilities with a large ‘sound stage’. We shoot on 4k, 5k and 6k ultra high definition cameras. Our post production facilities include 3D animation, sound recording & mixing, and real time 4k editing and colour grading suites.


TV commercials & branded media professionals

We​ provide extensive tv commercial & branded video production services to creative agencies and companies of all sizes, including many of Australasia’s most respected brands.​ ​We’re marketing professionals, providing everything from creative development through to final delivery. Also if you need it, our extensive global network makes producing around the world, fast and efficient.

State of the art 4K post-production

Our advanced UHD (4k) technology allows our editors, animators, colorists and sound designers to all work together in parallel on the same project at the same time, ultimately resulting in faster and even better work.






Branded video production

We produce branded content for use on websites, social media and video-on-demand (VOD) channels. Our videos can help to humanise business, by connecting with viewers and strengthening your brand voice.


3D animation & motion graphics

Our 3D animation and 2D motion graphic artists seamlessly blend design​ and​ movement, creating attention grabbing animations. Product, technology, photorealistic and character animations for online and social media video, commercials, presentations, trade-shows. training, explainer videos and more.


Photo-real 3D

Orly 3D photorealistic still images and animations​ have virtually no limitations; they’re perfect to explain how products, ideas, architecture, technology and systems work. They’re also, almost impossible to discern from actual video footage.

Explainer video

Our 2D Explainer Videos clarify ideas, services and products by extracting the essence of stories, converting them into dynamic and easily understood, animated videos, to attract, educate and influence your people, and your customers.

3D animation

You’ve most likely been watching our 3D animation work for years in videos, local and national television commercials, websites and business presentations. Our world class 3D animation helps businesses achieve goals and accelerate growth.


Professional still photography

There’s nothing better than having high quality photographic images shot at the same time as your video. Images for conveying emotion, excitement and drama. We offer video and still photography packages, aimed at creating amazing images while making the process easy to coordinate.

web apps

Redefining web apps

We’re redefining business marketing through the development of web applications for both online and offline use. To empower business like never before with web apps for sales & marketing, interactive ‘virtual product’ demonstrations, training and more. We don’t make normal websites, instead we create web apps for progressive organisations looking for new ways to introduce new products and ideas to market.

aerial video


Aerial drone cinematography
taking video to new heights

Our professional aerial drone pilots and cinematographers, are among the best in the industry. We’re fast and efficient and deliver stunning aerial drone still photography and UHD video footage for tv commercials, marketing video, advertising, news and documentaries. No matter where you’re based, we’ll tailor our nationwide services to your project needs.

Ultra high resolution
video & photography

We’ve been shooting dynamic aerial footage for over 25 years. We use professional, two-man controlled (4K RAW) aerial drone systems, setting new heights in image quality for stabilized ultra high definition, aerial video and still photography.




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Producer | Director Ross Beck  
Orly Productions – Christchurch – Wellington – Auckland -· New Zealand

Head Office  –  209 Salisbury Street, Christchurch.



 Christchurch +64 3 366 2047
 Wellington +64 4 282 1037
 Auckland +64 9 281 3048
 Brisbane +61 7 3067 3623
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